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The end of the world


Is this really the end of the world? Former hedge funder Raoul Pal recently gave a presentation which makes the most terrifying prediction we’ve seen since the start of the financial crisis.

In a nutshell, this crisis is even worse than 1930. All G20 countries are in the same dire condition at the same time, with no prospect of recovery. The West is dead. And the future belongs to the Pacific Rim.

A grim prospect indeed. Perhaps 2012 is really the end of the world

See the presentation here:

Former Hedge Funder Presents A Terrifying Vision Of THE END GAME

and try to console yourself with this.


Here’s What Happened The Last Time Raoul Pal Called For A Gigantic Crash

How do you apply for a job when your prospective employer cannot spell?


Job Description:

Our client is looking to recruit a technical person, with a strong commercial and sales acumen to join it’s [its] dynamic team.


  • Working in a team
  • Able [ability] to handle the technical complexities of ICT, yet gets job fulfilment out of reaching commercial targets [“will include” must be followed by a noun or a verbal noun. In any case, “ability” is a ” required skill”, not a responsibility.]
  • Dealing with customers and clients
  • Understanding the needs of clients and customers
  • Business Development Generation

  • University Graduate [the candidate will HAVE a university degree]
  • 2 years minumum experience in a ICT Sales/Business role
  • Very good knowledge of ICT technical complexities


  • Working in a fast growing dynamic company
  • Making good commisions
  • Ongoing learning


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