2014 – Cosmos in the Med  – Cosmology and astrophysics workshop

Cosmos in the Med was held from 24 to 26 September 2014 at the University of Malta as part of George Smoot’s Teaching the Universe programme. The workshop brought together scientists, students and teachers (sixth form and undergraduate) for three days of hands-on learning.

As a final exercise, we asked the students to prepare a short video or live presentation to explain a concept they learned about during the workshop.

The lectures are available on Youtube.

Lecture slides

Introduction by George Smoot

George Smoot – Cosmology, the evolution of the Universe and the structures we observe today

Chiara Ferrari – Stars, galaxies and clusters

Jim Rich – The expansion of the Universe and Dark Energy

Ed Porter – General Relativity, black holes and gravitational waves

Liz Smith – Communicating science

Kris Zarb Adami – Dark matter

Ivan Debono – Statistics in cosmology

Practical sessions

Exercise worksheet

Student presentations

Black holes

The luminosity-distance relation