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How do you apply for a job when your prospective employer cannot spell?


Job Description:

Our client is looking to recruit a technical person, with a strong commercial and sales acumen to join it’s [its] dynamic team.


  • Working in a team
  • Able [ability] to handle the technical complexities of ICT, yet gets job fulfilment out of reaching commercial targets [“will include” must be followed by a noun or a verbal noun. In any case, “ability” is a ” required skill”, not a responsibility.]
  • Dealing with customers and clients
  • Understanding the needs of clients and customers
  • Business Development Generation

  • University Graduate [the candidate will HAVE a university degree]
  • 2 years minumum experience in a ICT Sales/Business role
  • Very good knowledge of ICT technical complexities


  • Working in a fast growing dynamic company
  • Making good commisions
  • Ongoing learning


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