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It’s over

The time for analyses is over. You’re better off burning your money and arming yourself with a bow and arrow. There may not be many mammoth still roaming the wastelands but at least you’ll die with dignity.

Last Updated at 17:33 GMT

Dow Jones 12689.29 Down -133.28 -1.04%
Nasdaq 2881.83 Down -43.47 -1.49%
FTSE 100 5533.87 Down -117.90 -2.09%
Dax 6419.33 Down -210.69 -3.18%
Cac 40 3101.53 Down -92.36 -2.89%
BBC Global 30 6165.68 Down -39.86 -0.64%


  1. Anthony Zahra on Facebook

    so…time to invest in a hunting lodge? 🙂

  2. Ivan Debono on Facebook

    Since no other solution seems to be working, then yes. Incidentally, at the recent Aix Economic Forum, one German economist had an interesting take on the economic crisis: If there is no solution, then there is no problem.

  3. Anthony Zahra on Facebook

    like..if there is no cure for a particular cancer, then the cancer is not a problem? I can see the social constructionist aspect of his argument. We will adapt to new circumstances, and will be different as beings and in approach once a new steady and eventually growth state is again achieved.

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